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Set up a work profile on a private Android device (Cortado MDM only)


Set Cortado account password

Setting up work profile


Set up a work profile on your private Android device in order to keep business apps and data separated from private apps and data. Your company manages the business apps and data. In doing so, they have no access to the private part of your device. A clear separation between the workspace and the privately used area on your device is guaranteed. You can find more information about that on the Google support pages.

Your company only has access to your work profile. Only the setting and strength of a device password can be determined by your company, through the use of a policy. This serves to protect the work profile. 

You can decide for yourself whether your location may or may not be used in your work profile (arrow in left illus.).

Additionally, you can delete the work profile from the device at any time (arrow in right illus.).

Set Cortado account password

Your administrator has created a Cortado account for you. You consequently received an email from Cortado. (If necessary, also check the Spam folder.)

  • Open the email and select Set password now (illus.). This will redirect you to the Cortado website.

  • Set a password for your Cortado account and click on Continue to confirm.

  • Then select Enroll New Device (arrow in illus.). 

Setting up work profile

  • On the next page, select Android Device Select.

  • Retain the selected option (BYOD) (arrow in illus.).

  • Download the Cortado app from the Google Play Store and open the app (left ilus.).
  • In the welcome screen tap on Next (right illus.).

  • Scan the QR code from the enrollment page (not the code in this article.) with the app (right illus.).

  • Log in to the app with your email address and the password you set above.

All the information concerning your work profile can be found in the Cortado app. You will find more information on using the app here.

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