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Legal & Privacy (Cortado app – Android)

This article provides an overview of the menu item Legal & Privacy in the Cortado app for Android.

On the start page of the Cortado app select the menu item Legal & Privacy (arrow in left illus.). Here, apart from links to the Imprint, to the Data privacy statement and to the Manufacturer, you will also find third-party license notices (right illus.). In addition, you will receive an overview of what data is transferred to the Cortado MDM server.

legal & privacy tab in the Cortado app

Transmitted data

Whether or not it is possible for data to be transferred depends, among other factors, on the type of Android device, on the OS version and on the type of Android Enterprise device (fully managed or device with work profile). The list available here contains all data that can potentially be transferred.

two screens showing the different types of the same device.

Transmission of the device location

Note! The location of a device can only be communicated if the user gives approval in the device settings. This applies to devices with a work profile as well as for fully managed devices. The approval of location release cannot be controlled via a policy from the administrator. 

a screenshot of a cell phone with the location button highlighted.

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