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Policies at a glance (Cortado app – Android)

This article provides an overview of the menu item Policies in the Cortado app for Android.

On the start page of the Cortado app select the menu item Policies.

You will get an overview here of all general policies for devices with a work profile and for fully managed devices. Additionally, you will find the password policies here for the work profile and/or the whole device.

Policies for device with work profile (left), policies for fully managed device (right)

Policies for devices with work profile

For devices with a work profile, the number of policies is limited. You can see from the colour of the traffic light whether or not a policy permits a particular function.

Traffic light indicates whether a function is allowed or not

Es gibt nur eine geringe Anzahl an Richtlinien, die auf das gesamte Gerät Auswirkungen haben. Diese gelten ausschließlich dem Schutz des Arbeitsprofiles. So kann Ihr Administrator zum Beispiel auf die Art der Entsperrung des Gerätes (Fingerabdruck bzw. Trust Agents/Smart Lock) and the strength of the device password. Beyond that the administrator has no access whatsoever to any private area on your computer.

If you have a work profile on your device, the majority of policies refer solely to the work profile or to the communication between work profile and the device. For example, the administrator can determine whether the camera app or Google Chrome is to be part of your work profile (left illus.) or not (right illus.). Or the administrator can determine whether data may be exchanged between the work profile and the private profile.

Camera App and Google Chrome part of the work profile (left), removed from the work profile using a policy (right)

The policy Taking screenshot also only refers to your work profile. If the traffic light for this policy is set to red, you cannot take screenshots any more within your work profile. Outside of your work profile this policy has no impact.

Also, the policy Install apps from sources other than Play Store (arrow in left illus.) only refers to the installing of such apps within the work profile, e. g. via the Chrome browser or via Gmail (arrows in right illus.).

Installation of unknown apps via policy not allowed

If the traffic light for account changes is set to red, this only means that you cannot add further business accounts to your device (arrow in right illus.). You can continue to add new private accounts.

Account modification not allowed (left), no further business account can be added in the device settings (right)

Policies for fully managed devices

There are a large number of policies available for fully managed accounts. Most of the available settings for the device can be controlled by your administrator with the help of those policies. Whether or not a functionality is permitted by a policy is indicated by the colour of the traffic light. A blocked functionality is indicated in the device settings by a corresponding tip (middle illus.) or is greyed out (right illus.).

Policies in the Cortado app (left), in the settings (middle and right)

Password policies

On devices with a work profile your administrator can set password policies for the work profile or for the whole device. For fully managed devices, password policies can be set for the whole device. Here you can see, for example, how long the password needs to be and whether it needs to contain upper case and/or lower case characters etc. (example in illus.).

Password policies for a work profile or device

Create your password according to the guidelines otherwise your work apps will be locked.

If your password has expired, you will receive a corresponding message in the app and your work apps will also be locked.

Note! When using Android devices version 9.0 or later, you will be prompted to set a new device password if you are using only one password for the work profile and the device. When using Android devices smaller than version 9.0, you will be prompted to set a new work profile password if you use only one work profile and device password.

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