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Settings (Cortado app – Android)

This article provides an overview of the menu item Settings in the Cortado app for Android.

  • On the start page of the Cortado app select the menu item Settings.

Here you have the option to delete your work profile from your device, or to reset your fully managed device to factory default settings. Moreover, you can get an insight into the MDM details, device information and you can export or reset a log file. 

Delete work profile/reset fully managed device

  • To delete the work profile from your device or to reset the whole device, click on the trash icon.

Take note that on devices with a work profile, only the work profile, including all business apps and data, will be deleted from the device. The deleted data cannot be restored. All private data, apps and settings remain untouched (left illus.). Alternatively, you can also delete the profile in the device settings under Accounts→ Work (right illus.).

Fully managed devices will be reset to factory default settings when you delete the device management. All existing data is irrevocably lost during the process. Alternatively, you can reset the device in the device settings, via the path General management→ Reset→ Factory data reset (right illus.).

Note! Your administrator can use a policy to disable the resetting of the device. In this case the greyed-out trash icon will appear in the Cortado app and an error indication will appear (left illus.). The option Erase all data will also be greyed out in the device settings (right illus.).

MDM Details

Here you will find some relevant technical details for MDM.

Device information

  • Under Settings, tap on Device information

Here you will find miscellaneous information about your Android device. The available information is dependent on the device model, the OS version and on whether this is a private device with a work profile (the example in the left illus.) or a fully managed company device (the example in the right illus.). 

Managing log files

The log file can help to analyse errors that may have occurred. 

  • Under Settings, tap Export log file (upper arrow in the left illus.), your administrator should prompt you to send him a log file. 
  • Then tap on Send by e-mail (arrow in the right illus.). 
  • Enter the e-mail address of your administrator and send him the file. 

Alternatively, you can save the file on your device and send it using another app.

You also have the option here to reset the log file (lower arrow in the left illus.). This deletes the contents of the existing log file. The logging of the data will be continued afterwards.

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