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Manage work apps (Cortado app – Android)

This article provides an overview of the menu item Apps in the Cortado app for Android.

On the start page of the Cortado app select the menu item  Apps.

select Apps

This will take you to the Play Store. Alternatively, you can also open the Play Store for your work profile (left illus.) or your fully managed device (right illus.) directly via the app icon.

Managed Play Store on a device with work profile (left), on a fully managed device (right)

Here you will find apps that your administrator has made available for your work profile or for your fully managed device. You can decide yourself whether you want to install these apps. All other work apps already located on your device have been pushed by your firm directly onto the device and you cannot uninstall them.

work apps in the Play Store

Additionally, in your work  Play Store you will find an overview of your installed work apps and you can run the app updates from here.

Play Store for work apps

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