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Locking workspace on Android devices

  • In the Administration Portal, select a device under Administration→ Devices (left arrow in illus.).
  • Then click on Lock Workspace (right arrow in illus.).

select device and lock workspace

When the workspace is locked, all work apps are grayed out and can no longer be used (left illus.). The Cortado app informs the user that the app has been locked (right illus.).

work apps are grayed out, Cortado app is locked

  • By clicking Unlock Workspace (arrow in the illus.), you can unlock the workspace again.

unlock workspace of device

Note! If devices do not pass the Integrity check by Google, they can be unlocked here for a short time with Unlock Workspace (left arrow in picture). As long as the reason for the lock is not removed on the devices, the lock will be repeated after about 10 minutes. The devices will be locked in case of a failure, if either in the Settings or via Policy under Action for non-compliant devices the option Lock device or workspace is selected.

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