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Provide bypass code for iOS devices

This option is only available for supervised iOS devices.

Use the Cortado Administration Portal to create a bypass code that can be used to remove the activation lock for iPhone/iPad if the Find My iPhone option is activated. A bypass code is then stored in the Administration Portal when the activation lock is activated. This can then be used later to unlock the device if you need to wipe it and provide it to a new user. The bypass code can also be used to provide reset devices to new users without the Apple ID and password of the former user.

  • Select the Bypass Code option to switch on the activation lock.

a screenshot of a cell phone description.

  • Accept the security prompt with OK.
  • The Bypass Code for this device will be lodged with Apple.
  • You can also locate the Bypass Code under Details in device properties.
Note! It may take a while until the code is displayed in the Administration Portal.

a screenshot of a bypass code highlighted.

  • If you now return the device to factory settings in the Administration Portal, you only need to tap the Button Bypass Activation Lock button in the Administration Portal to go around the activation lock.

a screenshot of a cell phone description page.

Note! Under certain circumstances, there may be communication difficulties between the device and the Apple server. Then Apple sends an error message, stating that no Bypass Code can be found for this device. In this case, enter the Bypass Code instead of the Apple ID password onto the device, in order to remove the activation lock.

  • Then it’s possible to enter a new Apple ID.

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