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Create VPN profile for Android Enterprise devices

Create a VPN profile to allow users to access the firm’s network, without having to make their own settings. This profile is currently only available for Cisco Any Connect.

  • First proceed as described here
  • Select VPN as the profile that you want to add. The following dialog will open:

a screenshot of a screen shot of a web application.

Make the following settings:

  • Profile name: Enter a name for the profile here.
  • Connection name: Enter a name for the connection here.
  • VPN server: Enter the address of a VPN server here.
  • Connection type: Cisco Any Connect
  • Machine authentication: Cerfificate
  • Identity certificate: Select a SCEP profile or a Certificate profile that you have created previously.
  • Always-on: From Android version 7 the option Alway-on is available. If you select this option, a connection to the work profile on the device can only be made when the VPN is active. If there is no VPN connection, the user has no access to his apps in the work profile.
  • Always-on VPN app: Provide users with the managed AnyConnect app by Cisco Systems (see section Add apps from Play Store) and then in this data field enter the app identifier:­

Now you can distribute the newly created profile to users / groups / devices.

  • To do this, select the desired profile in the left-hand column of the management console and click Assign.
  • Now select the users, groups or devices to whom you want to assign this pro­file. 
Note! You can also assign the profiles under Control Panel→ Users or Groups.

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