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What's new in the Cortado app for Android?

In this article you will get an overview of the latest features of the Cortado app for Android.

DateVersionWhats new?
  • Android 13 compatibility
  • The Google app can be added to the blocked list if required
  • Policies for automatic time and time zone have been improved
  • Support for the new Connected work and personal apps policy
  • Support for the new Display over other apps policy.
  • Bug fixing (among others, issues with using app deny/alists have been fixed, issues with OS update from Samsung devices in kiosk mode have been fixed).
  • Bug fixing (issues with Samsung device enrollment and Knox Mobile enrollment have been fixed, inaccuracy in setting volume in sound setting policies have been fixed).
  • Fix security issues reported by Google Play Store
  • Bug fixing (issues with uploading large .apk files (self-hosted apps) have been fixed, keyboard is now displayed on all device types when using Kiosk mode)
  • Bug fixing (apps sometimes could not be installed/updated)
  • Support new policies (set ring mode, alarm volume in %, ring and notification volume in %, call volume in %, media volume in %, use common criteria mode, allow flight mode, allow sharing via Bluetooth)
  • Create new bucket-based password policies (Low, Medium, High)
  • Bug fixing and customization's for Android 12
  • install self-hosted app in a work profile
  • graphical changes (new icons)
  • bug fixing

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