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Set up Android company device (COBO)

In this article, we will show you how to perform the initial configuration of company-owned Android devices. This setup method is intended for devices that will be used for business purposes only (COBO – Company Owned Business Only). You will find more information on setup method selection here.

Your company has provided you with an Android device that is either new and unused or has been reset to factory default settings.

Open Cortado email invitation

Setting up Android device

Open Cortado email invitation

Your administrator has created a Cortado account for you. You consequently received an email from Cortado. (If necessary, also check the Spam folder.)

Open the email invitation:

login to My Cortado with Microsoft account

  • Local Cortado users click Set password now. They will then be redirected to the Cortado website.

a screenshot of an email.

  • Set a password for your Cortado account and click on Continue to confirm.

a screenshot of a login page.

Setting up Android device

  • Now click on Enroll New Device (no illus.). 
  • On the next page, select Android Device Select.

select Android device

  • Then click on the second radio button (arrow in illus.).

You can now start setting up the device. The device must have been reset to factory default settings for this. 

Note! Please skip the 3rd point of these instructions if your administrator has informed you that your device has already been preconfigured with Zero-Touch or Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment. Continue with the 4th point (scanning the QR code) instead. 
  • Tap six times on the same spot in the welcome screen.

tap six times on the welcome screen

  • Then scan the QR code displayed on the provisioning page (not the QR code in this article) with the device you want to set up.

  • If your administrator has set this up, you will now be automatically connected to the company WLAN. This only works if you are within range of this WLAN. Clarify this with your administrator if necessary.
  • If no WLAN has been preconfigured, connect to your WLAN or mobile network yourself instead and start the setup.
  • Follow the setup steps on the device. Verify your company and agree to manage the device.

set up company device and verify enterprise

The device setup is now complete. All apps and features will now be managed by your administrator. You can get an overview in the Cortado app. You will find more information on the Cortado app here.

Cortado app on the company device

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