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Set up Apple Push Certificate


Request and install certificate

Export and import certificate

Renew certificate


Caution! If you want to renew your Apple Push certificate, please follow the procedure described in the Renew certificate section.
Note for Cortado Server! In addition to the Apple Push certificate, you also need a certificate for the MDM identification.

An Apple Push Certificate is required for establishing a secure connection between the Cortado Administration Portal and Apple devices. Cortado sends the corresponding notification to the device via the Apple Push Notification service (APNs), requesting that it log in to the Cortado server. So no information is transmitted. The Apple Push Notification Service only wakes the device from hibernation, so that it can be logged on to Cortado. All configuration information, settings and requests go via an (encrypted) SSL connection directly from the Cortado server to the Apple devices. 

Note for Cortado Server! Please note that your network must also be prepared for Apple Mobile Device Management. Particularly Apple uses the following TCP ports: 80, 2195, 2196 and 5223. See table with Cortado ports on Cortado server TCP ports. More information about Apple can be found here: 

Note for Cortado MDM! If you want to use Cortado MDM for a proof-of-concept, you don’t need to complete any further configuration steps and can get started right away. All the required certificates are already loaded. In a productive environment however, or an environment with more elevated security standards, we recommend that you undertake the following steps. 

Request and install certificate

Before you can request a certificate from Apple, you first have to run a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

  • For CSR, select in the Administration Portal: Administration→ Settings. (Cortado Server users choose instead: Control Panel→ Certificates.)

  • Under Apple Push Certificate click on Generate Certificate Request (arrow in illus.). 

Note for Cortado Server! Illustrations may vary slightly.

Caution! To renew the certificate do not use the Generate Certificate Request button but the Renew Apple Push Certificate button. Otherwise you will generate a new certificate that has to be distributed to all users again. 

  • Fill out the form and confirm with OK. 

  • Click on Submit to open a new website. 

  • Log in here with on your Cortado account or simply create a new one (arrow in illus.).

  • By clicking Submit (see above), the Certificate Signing Request was automatically uploaded to the new website and signed by Cortado.

  • In step 2 you can download the signed certificate request (CSR). 

The signed CSR file is then saved.

  • Click on Create a Certificate (arrow in illus.). 

Note! If you would like to renew an existing certificate, then select your certificate instead and click Renew. If you have more than one certificate, you can find the serial number of the desired certificate via the Info button.

  • Select your signed certificate request, and upload it. 

  • Shortly after, you can download your certificate in .pem format (arrow in illus.). 

The downloaded Apple Push Certificate is saved.

  • Upload the .pem file by clicking Choose Certificate in the Administration Portal. 

The successfully uploaded Apple Push certificate is now displayed in the Administration Portal:

Export and import certificate

  • Save a backup of the certificate in .pfx format with Export Apple Push Certi­ficate.
  • With this version of the certificate, you can avoid future need for the procedure described above.

  • Enter a password for your certificate. 

Zertifikatpasswort vergeben

  • Using Import Apple Push Certificate you can install it again anytime.
  • To do so select the certificate with Choose Certificate and enter your password. 

Renew certificate

The Apple Push certificate is valid for one year (arrow in illus.).

Note! If there are already several certificates in the Apple Push Certificates portal (see above), you can identify the certificate to be renewed by its serial number (lower arrow in the illus.).

  • If you would like to extend it beyond that, tap on Renew Apple Push Certificate under Administration→ Certifi­cates→ Apple Push Certificate (right arrow in illus.). 
Caution! To renew the certificate do not use the Generate Certificate Request button but the Renew Apple Push Certificate button. Otherwise you will generate a new certificate that has to be distributed to all users again. 

  • Then proceed as described above.

The renewed certificate must not be assigned again on the users‘ devices.

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