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My Cortado – change password and device passcode

Change password for My Cortado (local Cortado accounts only)

Forgot password for My Cortado (local Cortado accounts only)

Change/Reset Device Passcode

Change password for My Cortado (local Cortado accounts only)

Cortado MDM users can change their password for My Cortado in the upper left corner, behind their user name (arrow in illus.). Simply enter your current password and the new one and confirm your entry by clicking OK.

a screenshot of a cell phone with the change password button highlighted.

Forgot password for My Cortado (local Cortado accounts only)

  • Open the My Cortado page.
  • Klick on Forgot password? (arrow in illus.).

the login page for a mobile device.

  • Enter your email address (arrow in illus.) and follow the instructions to change the password in the email.

a screenshot of a reset password screen.

Change/Reset Device Passcode

Note! This section refers to the passcode to unlock the iOS/iPadOS/Android device or work profile and not to the Cortado password.
Note! This option is only available for customers who have taken out a Pro or Enterprise plan subscription. Without a Pro or Enterprise plan subscription, you can only set up new devices in My Cortado.
  • Log in to My Cortado and select the device for which you want to change the passcode (example in illus.).

a screenshot of a web page with a number of devices.

Depending on the platform and type of management, the password (PIN) for the device or the work profile may be able to be changed or reset.

User Enrollment (personal owned) iOS devices: This function is not available.

Supervised (company owned) iOS devices: The password can be reset, if you forget it, for example. You can then set a new password on the device.

reset passcode

Fully managed Android devices: If you have forgotten the passcode for your device, you can set a new passcode (PIN) here for the entire Android device.

Android devices with a work profile (private and company-owned): Assign a new passcode for your work profile (not for the entire device). You will then be prompted to enter the new passcode when you open apps that are a part of the work profile.

a screenshot of change passcode screen.

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