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Register with Apple Business Manager (ABM)

In the first step, your company must be registered in the Apple Business Manager (ABM). Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal for IT administrators. It allows devices purchased directly from Apple or an authorized Apple dealer to quickly and easily inte­grate iOS devices into the firm’s IT.

register for Apple Business Manager

  • Before you can link your devices to the Apple Business Manager, you have to confirm your organization there (middle arrow in illus.).
  • For this you need a so-called D&B D-U-N-S® number. Retrieve your number here, or apply for it again if necessary.
  • Then enter it under Devices (left arrow in illus.) in ABM (right arrow in illus.).

verify your organization

  • Order devices from Apple or an authorized dealer.
  • Make sure that the new devices are assigned to your account by Apple Business Manager.
Note! You can also add existing devices to the Apple Business Manager at a later date. How to do this is explained here: How to add iOS devices to the Apple Business Manager.

For more information on ABM registration, see Apple's User Guide for Apple Business Manager.

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