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Which enrollment method is right for my iPhone/iPad?

Do you want to set up a workspace on your personal device or integrate a company device to Cortado MDM? In this article, we explain what setup methods are available for iOS devices and what you need to consider when choosing the right enrollment method.


You will get an overview of the various setup methods for Cortado MDM and learn what the buzzword acronyms BYOD, COBO and COPE are all about.


Before your iOS devices can be integrated into the corporate IT environment, you firstly have to clarify which setup method is going to be used. There are currently two methods available for iOS devices. Selecting the correct method is dependent on the following factors: 

  • Is it a private device? 
  • Or is the device company owned? 
  • If the device belongs to the company, it must also be determined if private use will also be permitted.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

This setup method is used for private iOS devices. You can set up a work space on your private device.

There is a clear separation of the work area from the privately used area on your device. All apps that are a part of the work space are managed by your company and are separated from your private accounts, apps and data. This clear division gives your company control over corporate data and corporate security without compromising your privacy.

Corporate Owned Business Only (COBO) bzw. Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE)

This method can be used to integrate company-owned devices (so-called supervised devices) that will either be for business use only (COBO) or for both business and private use (COPE).

If it is for business use only, the company has full control over the device and can control it remotely. This means that apps can be installed and uninstalled, global policies implemented, the device located and, if required, reset to factory default settings. The use of a private Apple ID by the user can be prevented by policy.

When private usage of supervised devices is also permitted, you simply use your private Apple ID. However, the personal area on a company-owned device, including its apps, data and usage, is neither visible nor accessible to your company.


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