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Connect Azure Active Directory for group import

Connect your Azure Active Directory with Cortado MDM. This allows you to quickly and easily import AD groups (including users) into the Cortado Administration Portal.

Note! These options are only available for customers who have taken out a Pro or Enterprise plan subscription.
  • To do this select Administration→ Settings in the Administration Portal (arrow in illus.).

select Settings in Administration Portal

  • Then select Directory Services→ Connect (arrow in illus.).

click Connect in directory services tab

  • In the welcome screen click on Next (arrow in illus.).

click next in the welcome screen

  • Now log into your Azure AD and open the overview (upper arrow in illus.). Here you will find your Tenant ID and the Primary Domain Name of your AD (lower arrows in illus.).

overview of the Azure AD

  • Now enter the Primary Domain Name or Tenant ID of your Azure AD (upper arrow in illus.).
  • Then click on Next (lower arrow in illus.).

enter domain name or tenant id

  • You will be redirected to the Microsoft login. Log in to Azure AD using a Microsoft account with global admin privileges.
  • Accept the required permissions. Without these permissions, Cortado MDM cannot access your Azure AD.

Microsoft permissions requested

  • Close this screen and open the Cortado Administration Portal.

Successfully connected to Azure AD

Your Azure AD has been successfully connected to the Cortado Administration Portal when the status shows a green dot (arrow in illus.). Now you can import your AD groups, you can learn how to do this in our help article Import groups from Azure Active Directory.

green dot to show status Connected

You can make the following settings here:

  • Sync: If you have made changes in Azure AD, you can synchronize them here immediately. In addition, all data from Azure AD is automatically synchronized every 30 minutes. 
  • Reconnect: If you have (accidentally) disconnected from the Cortado Administration Portal in Azure AD, e.g. under Enterprise applications, you can reconnect it here. To do so, click Reconnect. All existing settings, assignments, groups, etc. will not be lost in this case. 
  • Disconnect: Here you can disconnect the connection between the Cortado Administration Portal and Azure AD again. Please note that all groups that you have already imported will be deleted again. In addition, all settings that you have already made will be lost. Policies, profiles, apps, and managed configurations will be unassigned. When you reconnect afterwards, all these settings will have to be reconfigured.

Note on data loss due to disconnection

replace existing accounts

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