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Smart filing – Several users work on the same file (Cortado web app)

Smart Filing allows multiple users to edit files simultaneously and track the changes.

  • Open the web app and login.
  • First, load the desired file from the company drive (Home Drive) (see article Access to files and folders) to your local PC/Mac. To do so select the file and click on the button Download.

  • Open the file for editing (for example in Word).
  • Save the modified file under the same name on your local machine.
  • Upload the file to the web app (see article Upload files and folders).
  • Select Replace.

  • This creates a new version of the file.
  • If, in the meantime, another user has also edited the same file, an additional version of the file will be created.
  • If you open the file in your corporate directory, you can display all existing ver­sions.
  • To do so, click on the clock button (left arrow in illus.).

  • If you want to edit an older version, click on the Save button (middle arrow in illus.).
  • After saving the copy is included in the destination folder and can be edited.

  • If you wish to delete an older version, click on Delete button (right arrow in illus.).

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