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Printing files (Workplace app – iOS)

Select network printer

Select Wi-Fi printer

Further settings

Open a file by short tapping it.

  • Then tap on Print button, below on the left in the display (arrow in illus).

  • Tap on Select Printer.

  • Than tap on Network (for your company printer) or Wi-Fi (for the printer in your Wi-Fi).

Select network printer

  • Here you’ll find all the company printers that your administrator has made avail­able.
  • Select a printer with a short tap.

Select Wi-Fi printer

  • Here you will find all the printers that are available in the Wi-Fi network you’re currently in.
  • Select a printer.

  • Then select the appropriate driver (printer type) for your printer.

Note! If your printer model is not listed, ask your administrator to install a suitable driver for your printer model on the Cortado server or the Workplace server.

Further settings

  • Now select the number of copies you wish to print and change other settings (Color, Orientation, Paper Size etc.) if necessary.
  • Then tap on Print (arrow in illus).

  • The printing process will be initiated.

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