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Overview about PowerShell commands

  • To get a list of all available commands (Cmdlets), enter the following command:

Get-Command -Module CCSPowershell

  • Confirm with Enter.

The available PowerShell commands (Cmdlets) will then be displayed:

Displaying PowerShell cmdlets

The following commands (cmdlets) for Cortado Server (subsequently referred to as CCS) are available:

Add-CCSApplicationLinkAdds an application link
Add-CCSApplicationPackageAdds an imported app
Add-CCSBlacklistedAppAdds an app to the app blacklist
Add-CCSGroupImports the users of an AD group
Add-CCSGroupTemplateAdds a group template to an AD group
Add-CCSIntranetAppAdds an intranet app
Add-CCSLocalPrinterAdds a locally installed printer to a user or group
Add-CCSMTClientAdds a client if multi tenancy mode is used
Add-CCSNetworkDriveAdds a network drive to a user or group
Add-CCSNetworkFolderAdds a network folder to a user or group
Add-CCSNetworkPrinterAdds a conncection to a printer share to a user or group
Add-CCSPrintServerPrintersAdds printers of a print server to a user or group
Add-CCSSharedPrinterAdds a conncection to a printer share including path to a user or group
Add-CCSUserImports a user
Assign-CCSApplicationLinkAssigns the link to an app to Cortado users or groups
Assign-CCSApplicationPackageAssigns an imported app to a user or group template
Assign-CCSIntranetAppAssigns an intranet app to a user or group template
Assign-CCSMdmProfileAssigns an MDM profile to a user oder group template
Assign-CCSPolicyAssigns a policy to users, group templates or devices
Connect-CCSFarmConnects PowerShell with the Cortado server
Disable-CCSUserDeactivates user access for the Cortado app
Disconnect-CCSFarmDisconnects PowerShell from the Cortado server
Enable-CCSUserActivates a user for the Cortado app
Get-CCSAllowedClientsGlobalShows which devices can access corporate data via Cortado Server
Get-CCSAppleCertificateRequestDownloads the Apple Certificate Request
Get-CCSApplePushCertificateExports the Apple Push Certificate
Get-CCSApplicationLinkSelects an application link (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSApplicationPackageSelects an imported app (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSBlacklistedAppsShows blacklisted apps
Get-CCSDatabaseSynchronizationShows the settings of the database synchronization service
Get-CCSDeviceSelects the device of a user (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSEMailSettingsShows the e-mail settings of the CCS
Get-CCSEventlogSynchronizationShows the settings of the event log synchronization service
Get-CCSGroupTemplateSelects a group template (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSGroupTemplatesSelects several group templates (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSGroupUsersListet alle importierten Nutzer in der AD-Gruppe auf (Teilbefehl für Pipe)
Get-CCSIntranetAppLists imported AD group users (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSIntranetAppsSelects an Intranet app (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSIntranetAppUserSelects a user of the intranet app
Get-CCSMailServerSettingsShows the configuration of the used mail server
Get-CCSMDMProfileSelects an MDM profile (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSMDMProxyConfigurationShows the configuration of the MDM proxy server
Get-CCSMTClientIdsShows all client IDs if multi tenancy mode is used
Get-CCSOtherMDMAttributesShows other MDM attributes
Get-CCSPolicySelects a policy (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSPrintServerPrintersShows the printers on a print server
Get-CCSProxyConfigurationShows the configuration of the Cortado proxy server
Get-CCSRootCertificateExports the Cortado Root certificate (not password protected)
Get-CCSSSLCertificateExports the server certificate
Get-CCSUserSelects a CCS user (partial command for pipe)
Get-CCSUsersLists all CCS users (partial command for pipe)
New-CCSCertificateCreates a new certificate
Remove-CCSApplicationLinkRemoves an application link
Remove-CCSApplicationPackageRemoves an imported app
Remove-CCSBlacklistedAppRemoves a blacklisted app
Remove-CCSDeviceRemoves a device
Remove-CCSGroupTemplateRemoves a group template
Remove-CCSIntranetAppRemoves an intranet app
Remove-CCSLocalPrinterRemoves a local printer from a user or group
Remove-CCSMTClientRemoves a client if multi tenancy mode is used
Remove-CCSNetworkDriveRemoves a network drive from a user or group
Remove-CCSNetworkPrinterRemoves a network printer from a user or group
Remove-CCSPrintServerPrintersRemoves all printers of the print server
Remove-CCSSharedPrinterRemoves a printer share
Remove-CCSUserRemoves a user from CCS
Send-CCSConfigurationMailSends a configuration e-mail
Set-CCSAllowedClientsGlobalSets which devices can access corporate data via CCS
Set-CCSAppleCertificateImports an Apple certificate
Set-CCSApplePushCertificateImports an Apple Push certificate
Set-CCSCertificateModeSets the certificate mode
Set-CCSDatabaseSynchronizationSets the service configuration of the Database Synchronization service
Set-CCSDeviceClearPasscodeRemoves the passcode from a device
Set-CCSDeviceLockScreenLocks the screen of a device
Set-CCSDeviceUnlockCortadoClientUnlocks the Cortado app on a device
Set-CCSDeviceWipeFullResets a device to its factory settings
Set-CCSDeviceWipePartialRemoves the data of the Cortado app from the device
Set-CCSEMailSettingsSets the e-mail settings for CCS
Set-CCSEventlogSynchronizationSets the Eventlog Synchronization service
Set-CCSGroupTemplatePerforms a rollout of all group templates
Set-CCSMailServerSettingsSets the configuration of the used mail server
Set-CCSMDMProxyConfigurationSets the configuration of the used MDM proxy server
Set-CCSOtherMDMAttributesConfigures the other MDM attributes
Set-CCSPasswordChangeIntervalSets the interval for changing the Cortado password
Set-CCSPasswordMinLengthSets the minimum length of the Cortado password
Set-CCSPasswordRetryCountSets the number of failed attempts for the Cortado password
Set-CCSPasswordSettingsSets the Cortado password
Set-CCSProxyConfigurationSets the Cortado proxy server
Set-CCSRootCertificateImports a root certificate with an optional password
Set-CCSSSLCertificateImports a server certificate with an optional password
Unassign-CCSApplicationLinkUnassigns app from users or group templates
Unassign-CCSApplicationPackageUnassigns imported app from users or group templates
Unassign-CCSMdmProfileUnassigns MDM profile from users or group templates
Unassign-CCSPolicyUnassigns policy from users or group templates
Update-CCSAppleCertificateCreates an Apple certificate
Update-CCSApplicationLinkUpdates an app
Update-CCSApplicationPackageUpdates an imported app
Update-CCSIntranetAppUpdates an intranet app
Update-CCSPasswordPassword will be reset
Update-CCSRootCertificateGenerates a new root certificate
Update-CCSSSLCertificateGenerates a new SSL certificate
Update-CCSUserSettingsSets user settings

Working with PowerShell, you can combine commands (Cmdlets), define values in variables and connect various commands to so called pipelines.

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