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System requirements

Cortado server

  • Windows Server 2016 und 2019 with 2 GB of free space on hard drive (recommended: 3 GB) and 4 GB RAM, plus storage space for user data and virtual data rooms.
  • Windows service Print Spooler should not be disabled.
  • Please note that Cortado Server requires a Domain Controller as well as users who are activated in the Active Directory. The installation of Cortado Server must not be carried out on the Domain Controller.
  • The server on which Cortado Server is installed, must be a member of a domain (Domain Function Level 2003 or higher). Its Windows firewall can be disabled, but the firewall service must run.
  • The host name of the Cortado server must not exceed 15 characters.
  • The installation must be carried out using the CortadoService account.

Active Directory (domain)

  • All servers have to be members of the same or of a trusted domain (Active Directory).
  • In DNS a Reverse Lookup Zone has to be set up, in which all computers, devices and appliances are registered.
  • If the Cortado users are members of different Active Directories (domains) a two-way trust must have been set up for them.

Microsoft Exchange (optional)

  • MS Exchange Server 2019
  • If the mail server is running MS Exchange, this server and the one on which Cortado Server is to be installed should be members of the same domain.

SQL server (optional)

  • With the Cortado Server installer, a Microsoft SQL Server can be installed. If you want to use an existing one instead, you need at least an SQL Server 2012.
  • If the database is to be located on a server other than the Cortado server, the language of the operating system must be the same as that on the Cortado server.


  • We recommend that you always use the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome to ensure optimal display of the management console.

Mobile devices

  • iOS: Workplace app needs v9.0 or later/ when using BYOD: Cortado app needs v15.5 or later
  • Android version 6.0 or later

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