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Setting up local groups

Start by setting up a local group, if you want to join up a number of users into a group. This makes sense if multiple devices/users will receive the same configuration. Later, this will allow you to configure all the users in a user group at one time, rather than each one separately. Alternatively, you can import groups from your Azure Active Directory.

  • To do so, select Administration→ Groups in the Administration Portal (arrow in illus.).

open groups in administration portal

  • Then click on the Plus button above left in the display (arrow in illus.). 

add new group

  • Now select Local Group (arrow in illus.).

select local group

  • After this choose a name (upper arrow in illus.) and, if required, a description for your group and then click on OK.
  • A group is enabled by default (middle arrow in illus.). A disabled group is treated as non-existent, i.e. all policies, profiles, apps, settings, etc. are no longer enforced for users or devices.
  • Select the Add new users automatically (lower arrow in illus.) checkbox if you want all new users to be automatically added to this group after they are imported into the administration portal.

  • Then click OK.

enter details for group

  • Create as many groups as you need.
Note. A user can be a member of several groups. New users can be automatically added either to none, to one or to several groups.

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