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How to restrict access to the Cortado administration portal

The Cortado administration portal is the control centre of the Cortado server. In principle, it can only be accessed by authorised users. Nonetheless, it can be a good idea to further restrict access to the administration portal.


In this How To, we’re going to show you how to block access to the administration portal from the Wi Fi network. After you make this modification, you can only gain access to the administration portal either via the Cortado server (localhost/fw) or using the DNS name of the Cortado server in the internal network. Before you carry out this modification, please check that the DNS name of the Cortado server is stored correctly in the configuration manager and that a matching TLS certificate has been issued for the DNS name.

Note! The prerequisite for this is the deployment of Cortado Proxy Extension.


1. Connect to the server on which the Cortado Proxy Extension was installed and open the IIS there.

2. Then select Sites→ Cortado→ URL Rewrite (arrow in illus.).

3. Select the Rewrite that blocks access to the administration portal (/fw) (Block Cortado Management Console, left arrow in Illus.) then, on the right side, click on Enable Rule (right arrow in Illus.).

4. Now try to get into your server’s administration portal. If everything is configured correctly, you should be rerouted to a generic error page instead of to the administration portal.

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