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User can’t log in to the Cortado Workplace app (Cortado Server only)

Problem: Logging in to the native Cortado Workplace app (iOS/Android) or the web app fails.

Possible causes

1. The user account is locked in the management console, under Control Panel→ Users (arrow in illus.). This can come about if, for example, too many failed password attempts have been made.

Account disabled in user management

Note! If you receive the notification “Mandatory App not installed” as the reason for a device being locked, but neither Status Pending or Failed is displayed under Devices→ MDM States or under Apps & Docs→ Users, then read our troubleshooting article iOS device was locked: "Mandatory App not installed".

2. The Cortado Workplace app is blocked (iOS). The entire work profile for Android Enterprise is blocked.

3. The Cortado webs pages on the server are not enabled.

4. When using multiple domains: Logon As A Batch Job is disabled.


1. Check the affected user’s account in the management console. Select the user’s device under Control Panel→ Devices (left arrow in illus.). Under Lock Reason, you can see the reason it has been disabled (example – right arrow in illus.). Reactivate the user under Control Panel→ Users→ Edit.

Lock reason in the Details

2. Have the affected user report to you the error message that was displayed in the blocked app (example in illus.).

Login to Cortado app failed

Possibly, a compliance breach could be to blame. A prescribed profile may have been deleted or a mandatory app may not have been installed. As soon as the user rectifies the compliance breach, you can unlock the Cortado Workplace app again in the management console under Control Panel→ Devices→ Unlock Cortado Workplace App.

Lock reason in Details of Devices

3. Restart all Cortado web pages and all application pools in IIS Manager on the Cortado server or on the Workplace server (and, if necessary, also the Cortado proxy server).

4. Enable Logon as Batch Job in the Security Policies. For more information, click here.

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