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Searching and sorting files, setting the view (Cortado web app)

Open the web app and login. Open the desired drive or directory (see article Access to files and folders).

Searching for files
Sorting files
Setting the view

Searching for files

In the web app, you are able to search for files, so long as your administrator has enabled this feature for you. To do so, use the search function (Search) above right. 

a close up of a white and blue navbar.

At this, note the following:

  • You can only search for files, not for folders.
  • To execute the search, you must be searching in the directory in which the requested file is located.
  • Enter either a full file name or a few letters or numbers. You can also search for a file extension.

Sorting files

You can sort files by Name, Type, Size or Date. To do so use the buttons above right.

a screenshot of a computer screen with a files in column.

Setting the view

You can display the files either as a list or in the grid view. To do so, click on List or Grid .

a screenshot of a web page with the grid menu highlighted.

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