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Virtual Data Rooms – sharing files and folders (Cortado Workplace for Windows)

Start project

Adding participants

Close project

Start project

You have the possibility of sharing files/folders with users from inside and outside the company. Create a project for this purpose and invite other users to join the project. You can share multiple files/folders within a project.

  • Open the Cortado directory in Windows Explorer.
  •   In the context menu of a file or folder, click on Start project, to start a new project.

  • Or you can start a project without selecting a file or folder beforehand. To do so, select Cortado→ Start project.

  •  Give your project a name and then click on OK.

Adding participants

  • Click on Manage project), to invite participants to your project.

  • Then click on Add.

  • Enter the e-mail address of the user with whom you want to share this project’s file(s)/folder(s). Depending on the options your system administra­tor has allowed you, you can invite users from inside and outside the company.

  • If you wish to invite external users to the project, then the project must be reconfigured once. Click on Yes to confirm the notification.

You can use Copy&Paste to add further files and folders to your project (see the article Upload and download files and folders).

Close project

  • Select the project that you want to close. Then click on Close project in the context menu.

  • You can then click on Backup (right arrow in illus.) to create a zip file of all the files in the project.
  • Simply click on Discard (left arrow in illus.), if you don’t want to save your files before you delete the project.

  • The file will then be saved in Windows Explorer under Cortado.

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