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Settings (Workplace app – iOS)

Open the app and log in (see article The Workplace app for iOS devices).

  • Tap on settings button in the upper display (arrow in illus.).

two screens showing the settings of a device.

Now you can see the following settings:

  • Identification: Your e-mail address with which you registered and the Device ID of your iOS device are displayed here.
  • Country Code for Fax Service: Here you can select a country code. This code is assigned automatically to each fax number which has not been provided with a country code.
  • Report an Issue: Using this form, you can send an error report to your admin­istrator.
  • Authentic Preview: Enable Cloud Preview for large file sizes.
  • User Self Service Portal: Use this button to connect to the User Self Service Portal in your browser.
  • Clear File Cache: Tap here to clear the file cache.
  • Compression: You can enable photo and video compression here. They will then be recorded and saved in a reduced file size.
  • Logout: Tap here to logout.

two screens of a cell phone showing the settings of the company.

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