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Edit a file in another app – Document Provider (Workplace app – iOS)

Opening and editing a file

Restoring files

Files located on the company server can be quickly and easily edited in other apps without having to be first opened in the Workplace app and then imported into the other app. After editing, the file can be saved back to the Workplace app.

Opening and editing a file

  • Open the app (e. g. Word) in which you want to edit the document.
  • Select the storage locations (Places) in Word by firstly tapping on Open (lower arrow in illus.) and then on More (upper arrow in illus.).

  • In the Browse folder (lower arrow in illus.), select the storage location Cortado (upper arrow in illus.).

  • You now have access to the files in the Workplace app, located on your company server. Select a drive or a project.

  • Then navigate to the location where the desired file is saved.

  • Tap on the desired file to open it.

Note! When the battery charge level is low, you may occasionally experience problems when opening or restoring files. If this occurs, connect the device to a power source and retry the procedure later.

  • Then edit the file, in Word (example).

Restoring files

In the same file for­mat

If the file being formatted is in the same file format as is used by the app, for example, a .docx file edited in Microsoft Word or a .pages file in Pages, the file is restored auto­matically.

In Word, for example, as soon as you simply tap on the arrow in the top left of the display (arrow in illus.), the file is automatically restored to the Cor­tado Workplace app (on the company server).

  • That means there is no copy of the file saved locally in Word.

Note! In the Word app, problems with automatic restoring of .docx files can occur if special characters are used in the file name. If necessary, change the file name in the Workplace app.

In other file formats

Only files in the same format will be restored automatically to the Workplace app. So, for example, if you have opened a .docx file (and not a .pages file) in Pages, then this file will be automatically imported from Pages and a copy of the file will be created.

To restore this copy to the Workplace app after it has been edited, proceed as described in the article Save documents from other apps in Workplace.

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