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Exporting a file to another app (Workplace app – iOS)

You have the option of exporting files to other apps. That allows you to easily save a copy of a file in another app, without having to leave the Cortado app.

a screenshot of a virtual data room.

  • Select an other app or an other storage location (example in illus.). Then tap on Add.

two screens of a cell phone with a text message.

Note! Only apps/storage locations that support this feature will be displayed.

  • A copy of the file will be stored in the selected app.
  • Open the other app to continue using the file (example in illus.).

two screens of a cell phone showing different images.

Note! There is only ever a copy of the file saved in the other app. The original remains in the location from which it came, in the Cortado app or on the company server.

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