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Adding and managing folders (Workplace app – iOS)

Adding folders

Managing folders

Adding folders

  • Open a directory by tapping on it briefly.
  • You can then see the subfolders and files saved here.
  • To add a new folder, tap on the plus button in the lower section of the display and then on New folder.
  • Enter the new folder name and confirm with OK.

a screenshot of a cell phone showing the settings of the app.

Managing folders

Long tap on a folder to display the following options:

  • Cut: Cut out the folder to replace it in another location.
  • Copy: Copy the folder to the clipboard.
  • Paste: If there is a file/folder on the clipboard already, you can paste it here.
  • Zip: Tap on ZIP to create a ZIP file for the selected folder.
  • Rename: Tap on Rename and enter the new folder name. Confirm with Finish.

two screens of a cell phone with different settings.

  • Unzip: Tap on Unzip, to unzip a .zip file.

Note! When zipping folders, please note that the entire path must not be longer than 255 characters.

a screenshot of a cell phone showing the event settings.

  • A new folder will be created using the same filenames in the .unzip format. This folder contains your unzipped files.

a screenshot of a cell phone showing the event schedule.

The same options are also available if you select a folder beforehand. Tap on Select (iPad, upper arrow in illus.) or the select button (iPod Touch/iPhone, lower arrow in illus) and tap on one or more folders.

Open another menu to the right of the folder name (arrow in illus). The following options are available here:

  • Create project: Tap on the Share button to create a new project. Now you can share the folder with other participants (see section Sharing files in virtual data rooms).
  • Copy/move to an other storage location: Tap on the Copy/Move button. Then select a directory and copy or move the selected folders to it.
  • Delete: Tap on the Delete button to delete the selected folder.

a screenshot of a cell phone showing the settings of the app.

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