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Managing files (Workplace-App – iOS)

Select one file

Select multipe files

Select one file

  • Long tap on a file to display the following options:

  •  Copy/Paste/Cut: Tap on Cut or Copy. The selected file is copied to the clipboard. Navigate to the target directory or folder and long tap it. Then select Paste. For instructions on how to copy or move multiple files simultaneously, refer to the section Copying or moving files
  •  Zip: Tap on Zip. The ZIP file is automatically saved in .zip format to the same folder.
  •  Rename: Tap on Rename and enter the new file name. Confirm with Done.
  •  Unzip: Tap on Unzip, to unzip a .zip file.

Select multipe files

  • Tap on the Select button (arrow in left illus.) or on Select (arrow in right illus.).

  • Next, select the file(s) you want to move/copy, zip or delete.

Now you have the following options:

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