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File options at a glance (Workplace app - iOS)

Open the app and log in (see article The Workplace app for iOS devices).

Open a file by short tapping it:

a screenshot of a computer screen with a document on it.

The following options are available here:

printingPrinting: Print files to a company printer or a Wi-Fi printer saved locally on your device or in the Home Drive (see article Printing files).
copy or moveCopy/Move: You can move or copy files to another drive, or locally on your iOS device (see article Copying or moving files).
favoritesFavorites: You can add the file to your Favorites (see article Favorites).
deleteDelete: Here you can delete the selected file.
further optionsTap on the this button and find further file options:
emailE-mail: You can send files from your Cortado account via e-mail (see article Sending file via e-mail).
sharing filesSharing files: You can start a project to share the file with other users (see article Sharing files in virtual data rooms).
renameRename: Here you can rename the file.
zipZIP: This option allows you to create a ZIP file (see article Exporting files in ZIP or PDF format).
pdfPDF: Here you can export files into .pdf format (see article Exporting files in ZIP or PDF format).
create linkCreate link: You can create a link to share the file with other users (see article Sharing file via link).
exportExport: Save a copy of your file in another app, without having to open the other app beforehand (see article Exporting a file to another app).
open inOpen in: Here you can open the selected file in another app (see article Opening file in another app).

Tap on the arrow next to the file name to display the standard options Sharing files, Printing, Copying/Moving, Email and Delete.

a screenshot of a cell phone showing the settings.

Note! Tap on an image file to open it. In the preview you can swipe left or right to get a preview of the next or previous image.

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