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Accessing folders and files (Workplace app – Android)

  • Favorites: Here you can find the files and folders you have marked as favorites (see section Favorites).
  • Home Drive: This directory gives you access to files located on a remote com­puter (the company server) (see section Home Drive).
  • Projects: Create new projects to share files with other users. You can then invite users from inside and outside the company to your projects (see section Sharing files in virtual data rooms).
  • Phone: This directory gives you access to files saved locally on your device (see section Phone)
  • Secure Drive: Use this directory to save files on your Android device with encryption (see section Secure Drive).
  • Settings: Here you can find the settings (see section Settings).


  • Here you can find the files and folders you have marked as favorites.
  • To mark files and folders as favorites, tap in a directory (e. g. Home Drive) on the star icon next to the name (arrow in left illus.).
  • To remove a file or folder from the favorites, tap in the Home Drive directory on the star icon again.

  • In the Favorites tap on the Menu button behind a file or a folder. You can now remove the item from the favorites list (Unfavorite, lower arrow in right illus.).
  • If you want to go to the location where the file or folder is saved, tap instead on Go to parent folder (upper arrow in right illus.).

Home Drive

Depending on whether your administrator has allowed you access, you will find the following drives or directories here.

  • Company drives: Here you have access to your company drives (e.g.: Sales, Marketing, W:)
  • SharePoint: You can access your SharePoint drive via the Workplace app. Load your SharePoint access codes in the User Self Service Portal beforehand.
  • upload: The folder will be created automatically after the first file upload.

In this directory, you have many more options available for further processing of files.


Use this directory for files saved locally on your device.

Secure Drive

Use this directory if you want to save important files directly to your Android device so you can, for example, edit them later in offline mode (Flight mode). Files saved here are encrypted and saved to a hidden folder on your mobile device, ensuring that in the case of theft or loss of the device, these files will not fall into the wrong hands.

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