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License keys and license distribution

License keys

License distribution

License keys

Demo license key

To use demo license keys, select Demo Mode during installation. The key is valid for 30 days.

Demo license keys conain the string TEST. Example:

THCB-0816-1-TEST01-ABCD (example for Cortado Server)

Productive or full version license key

This is delivered after purchase of the software and allows activation within the first 30 days after installing the key for unre­stricted functionality of the software. Example:

THCB-0854-1-123ABC-ABCE  and THCU-0854-10-123ABC-ABCE (example for Cortado Server).

Registration key

Appears in License Manager of each type of software after a license key has been entered. Must be included with the productive license key when requesting activa­tion. Example:


Activation key

Sent by request. Once entered in License Manager, the activation key enables unlim­ited use of the activated license. Example:


Subskription key

Sent with the activation key for Perpetual Licenses.Includes information about the subscription period for the associated license.   Must be entered in the License Manager of the product component. When the update subscription is renewed, a new key is added. Example for Cortado Server:



License distribution

Cortado serverProxy server (incl. file sharing)
Perpetual licensesTHCB and THCUTHCB and CCPU
Annual licenseTLCUTHCB and CLPU

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