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License Activation

Activating licenses in the Enterprise Portal

License activation via the License Manager

Activating licenses in the Enterprise Portal

In Enterprise Portal you can get an overview of your licenses, make activation and support requests and make application for non-binding offers to renew annual licenses or update and support services. You also have the opportunity to import and export your license keys for unattended licensing.

  • To activate productive licenses, open the Cortado Enterprise Portal under
  • If you’re already a registered customer, enter your access data here (e-mail address and password).

login to <em>Cortado</em> <em>Enterprise Portal</em>

  • If you are not yet a registered customer, then click instead on Regis­ter (arrow in illus.). There you will find the appropriate registration forms, under Register as customer or Register as system integrator.

Note! You will find comprehensive online help under Help (right arrow in illus.).

  • In the Customer View select the licenses to be activated there (checkbox at left) and click on the check mark button (left arrow in illus.).

Cortado Enterprise Portal – activate productive license

Note! If you have not yet entered your new license key in the License Manager on the Cortado server, proceed as described in the section Productive license keys.

  • Now you can enter the Registration key for the selected license. You’ll find it in the license manager (on the Cortado server) after the license key (left arrow in illus.).
  • Copy the Registration key clicking on CopyRegistration Key  in the con­text menu of the license to be activated (right arrow in illus.).
  • The Registration Key is now located on the clipboard.

Copy the Registration key to the clipboard

  • Enter the Registration key (right arrow in illus.) and, optionally, the rele­vant server address (IP address, hostname or FQDN).
  • Then click on Send (left arrow in illus.).

Cortado Enterprise Portal – enter registration key

The activation (and subscription key) will be displayed in Enter­prise Portal (arrow in illus.).

Cortado Enterprise Portal – activation key

  • Copy the activation key to the clipboard.

License activation via the License Manager

  • In License Manager, mark a license key to be activated. Select Activate in the context menu.

activating a license

enter activation and subscription key

Once you confirm your entry with OK, the license key (green) is displayed in License Manager with the activation key, and the Activated column shows yes. For Annual licenses the expiration date is shown under Valid Until (arrow in illus.) Perpetual licenses are valid indefinitely with this activation – the Valid until date is therefore omitted.

You will also see the end date of your Perpetual licenses subscription. As long as your license has a valid update subscription, you can download and install software updates from our website (see section Software updates).

Productive license activated

The software can now be used without restrictions.

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