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Update to a new Cortado Server version

  • Learn what changes are contained in the new version
    Read the Change Notes contained in the installation packets and contact our Consulting Team if you need any further clarification.
  • Clean up the system
    Before running an update on older versions of Cortado you should remove from the administration portal all users who are no longer present in the Active Directory.
  • Check the update path
    Especially when you want to update a very old version of Cortado Server to the current version, it is often necessary to carry out some intermediate steps. You will find the installation packets for all current versions here. The following table will show you which steps are required to be carried out for all still supported versions of Cortado Server to bring them up to the current version. If you are using an older version that is not included in the lists, contact our Consulting Team and our sales staff.
Note! An update to Cortado Server version 11.0 is only possible if version 10.6 with Service Pack 001 has been installed before.
Version9.09.0 HF0039.69.710.010.0 HF00210.610.6 SP00111.0
Version number9.0.12989.0.12999.6.15409.7.167410.0.189810.0.190410.6.2201.010.6.272911.0.3265
  • Create a backup of your server
    You should make a backup of all Cortado components you use whenever you run updates on a productive system. These include:
    • the Cortado server
    • the proxy server with the Cortado Proxy Extention (if it’s present)
    • the SQL database (default name: CCSMain), if this is on a separate SQL server rather than the Cortado server.

Note! Snapshots are particularly useful for quickly restoring system functionality in the event of problems occurring.

  • Install with the correct user
    Run the update with the user who originally installed the Cortado components in question. So on the Cortado server use the CortadoService account and the local administrator on the proxy server.
  • Update the Cortado server and the proxy server
    If you use Cortado Proxy Extension, it must always be the same version as the Cortado server. It is therefore recommended to firstly complete the update on the Cortado server and then start with the proxy server.
  • When updating to version 11.0 and using the Cortado Proxy Extension with sharing option

    Add the following entries to the registry of your proxy server under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ThinPrint\TPCCFileSrv\UrlSuffixToPass: web and api (right arrows in illus.).

Note! Adding this key is necessary even if Sharing is not used but was installed in the past.

a screenshot of a computer screen with a number of options highlighted.

For updates to Cortado Server that are older than one year, valid license keys are required. These license keys can be purchased via the Update Subscription Program. Please visit Cortado Enterprise Portal.

If you come up against any problems while running the updates, or you have any uncertainties, please feel free to consult us before proceeding.

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