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MDM tab in the Cortado Server Settings

You can get an overview here of all the Cortado server settings that are relevant to Mobile Device Management.

Global Settings: MDM overview

Then choose:


In the Others tab, you can:

  • Enable iOS Printing Support for iOS users,
  • If necessary, you can set up ActiveSync here. If you check this box, you will enable Cortado users who were not allowed to do so previously to receive e-mails on their mobile devices. By deactivating users for Cortado Server, the users will not be able to receive e-mails on their mobile devices any longer.
  • Set up the path to the User Storage – the root directory of Cortado Server. The user directories are located therein (default: c:\User Storage). Within these directories various standard folders for each user are located, e. g., My Documents as well as the links for shared folders on the com­pany network located for each user.

Note! If you change the path to the user storage, the existing user directories defined here will be lost.

  • iOS Document Provider upload interval: Specify the interval (in seconds), in which files edited on an iOS device (e.g.: in Pages) should be saved back to the Cortado Server. (You can find more information on Document Provider in the user guide for iOS devices).

Global Settings: MDM→ Others

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