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Import single user

  • In the administration portal, open Administration→ Users.
  • To import the users, click on the plus sign (arrow in illus.), the Import Wizard will start.

starting the Import Wizard

Note! Importing user data uses one Cortado Server user license per user. Installing the Cortado Server automatically installs five demo licenses. These licenses are for users and devices, so every user session on the Cortado server by either a device or the web app, uses up one license. In the article Overview of License Manager, you will find details about license activation and update subscription.

  • Here you will chose the source from which the users should be imported:

Active Directory

Enter single user manually

Selecting import source

Active Directory

  • If you have selected Active Directory as the import source, another window opens, in which you can select a domain where the desired users will be found.
  • If you enable the checkbox in front of the domain name (left arrow in illus.) and then click on Next all existing users will be displayed in the next window.
  • Alternatively, if you click on the small arrow on the right (right arrow in illus.) you will go to any existing subfolders or organisation units (OUs).

Selecting domain

  • Now the users to be imported are displayed.

Users that can be imported from the AD

  • Decide whether all or only certain users are to be imported. To do so, place a checkmark by the corresponding users, or select all users (left arrow in illus.).
  • Then click on Import (right arrow in illus.).

Selecting users

If a user has been successfully imported, a green dot appears in the status column. (upper arrows in illus.). In addition, the information bar at the bottom of the win­dow displays the number of imported users.

Users successfully imported (green dots)

If the user could not be imported because, for example, not enough licenses are available, an error message will be displayed, you can display an error message. To do this, move the mouse to the red dot. In the illustration, for example, ten users were imported (left arrow), but there are only five licenses available (right arrow).

Users could not be imported (missing licenses)

Enter single user manually

With this option you can select a user to be imported from the AD, and add him by entering the user’s data manually. Fill in one of the fields completely, or use a wildcard (*) for your search.

enter single user

When you close the Import Wizard, the successfully imported users will be listed in user management (Users). They are now enabled to use Cortado Server.

Note! As soon as a user has been successfully imported, he will automatically receive a configuration email (see the section E-mail settings).

Imported users in user management (Users)

You can assign specific properties (settings, network drives, printers) to the users.

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