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User import via group template

When there are a large number of users, the option is available for the users to „import themselves into the Cortado server“.

To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Create group templates for your AD groups. All users who are members of these AD groups can now make use of email addresses and the domain password to access the Cortado server’s User Self Service Portal.
  2. Disable automatic sending for the welcome email  (see the section E-mail settings).
  3. Send users the link to the User Self Service Portal (and, if required, a link to the user guides) via email. The link to the User Self Service Portalcomprises the following:
    Additionally, inform the users in the email that they can use the First Steps Wizards in the User Self Service Portal to download the MDM profile and configure the Cortado app.

Note! Unfortunately, the welcome email from Cortado can’t be used for this, as automatic sending can only be activated from when the user logs in to the User Self Service Portal for the first time.

As soon as the users first log in to the User Self Service Portal, they are automatically impor­ted into the Cortado server.

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