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Available admin roles and their respective rights

The Cortado server offers you the option to deploy additional administrators with dif­fering rights. As well as the CortadoService account, which has all rights, you can cre­ate other admin accounts that can only make changes in certain areas (e.g. in user management, or in the apps). In addition, an admin account can be created that has reading rights only. 

Open in the management console Control Panel→ Global Settings Admin Roles. The following roles are available:

  • Read-Only-Admin
  • Support-Admin
  • Application-Admin
  • MDM-Admin
  • User-Admin

Global Settings: Admin Roles

  • The Cortado server admin has full access in all areas (write and read rights).
  •  Read-Only admin has read rights in all areas
  • All admin roles have right and read rights Reports.

You can find an overview of the individual rights for admin roles in the Group Templates, Users, Devices, Policies, Profiles and Apps & Docs areas in this .zip file: 

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