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Overview of TCP ports for Cortado Server

Find here an overview of TCP ports used by Cortado. You can see which ports are essential, which ones are optional and which port number can be changed. One can also see if there is an incoming or outgoing connection.

See also

25Connection with mail server (smtp)
80■ (Apple)Connection to Apple service (APNs)
443 oder 82■ (Proxy)

Connection with mobile device (https or http) and proxy server
443■ (Proxy)

Website CortadoPushService (SNPP) and proxy server

Connection to file and print server (SMB/CIFS and SAM/LSA)

Apple Printer/IPP

SQL port for database request

■ (Apple)

Apple service (APNs), push notifica­tion

■ (Apple)

Apple service (APNs), feedback ser­vice

■ (Apple)

Apple service (APNs), connection Apple device with Apple server

■ (Apple)

Apple VPP, (
5228, 5229, 5230

■ (Samsung)

Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), connection Samsung device with Google server

Direct printing to network printers
  •  In: incoming connection
  •  Out: outgoing connection
  •  Web: communication to/from internet
  •  Int: internal communication within LAN or datacenter
  •  Ess.: ports need to be opened as they are essential for usage
  •  Opt: ports need to be opened if the respective Cortado function is to be used
  •  Conf: port number is configurable and can be changed to another free port
  •  Apple: only needed when using Apple’s certificate- and profile-based MDM
  •  Samsung: only needed when using Samsung’s certificate- and profile-based MDM
  •  Proxy: only needed for connection to proxy server (Cortado Proxy Extension)

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