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Creating Blacklisted Apps for iOS (Cortado Server only)

In order to protect corporate data, Cortado Server allows you to create a blacklist of apps they find most threatening. With the blacklist for apps you can prevent security-critical or unwanted apps from being installed on mobile devices.

Note! This option is not available for devices that have been embedded via User Enrollment.
  • Wählen Sie in der Managementkonsole Control Panel→ Apps & Docs→ Blacklisted Apps.
  • You can set up an app blacklist for:
    • individual users: via Control Panel→ Users→ Blacklisted Apps,
    • a Group: via Control Panel→ Groups→ Blacklisted Apps,
    • all users: via Control Panel→ Apps→ Blacklisted Apps.
  • Select one or more user/s or group/s and then tap on Add(arrow in illus.).

add blacklisted app to a user

  • Enter the app name. Wildcards (*) can be used for the app names.

enter app name

The following apps have been blacklisted for the following users (example):

  • for user11: App1 (user11 is a member of the group Sales-Group.)
  • global: App2
  • for the group Marketing-Group: App3
  • for the group Sales-Group: App4

You can see the results in the following illustrations. Under both Users, as well as under Groups, you can see which apps are blacklisted globally (Globally Blacklisted Apps, here: App2). On the right, you will also see the apps that are blocked for each respective group (App3 and App4).

blacklisted apps: overview of blacklisted apps (here: by group)

In the following illustration you can see the apps that are blocked for individual users. These are firstly, the global (here: App2, left), then those blocked for the group (App4 for user11, as a member of the Sales-Group) and those blocked for the individual user (App1 for user11).

For user16 (member of the Marketing-Group) app3 is blacklisted.

blacklisted apps: overview of blacklisted apps (here: by user)

Note! You can also block access to the App store. You set this as a policy.

Users who install blacklisted apps will automatically be blocked from accessing the corporate network (right arrow in illus.). Click on the button Unlock Cortado Workplace App under Devices to unlock (left arrow in illus.). 

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