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Adding Workplace app for iOS

With Device Enrollment and when using DEP devices the Cortado Workplace app will be pushed onto the users’ devices automatically.

If, on the other hand, the users have used User Enrollment to embed the devices in the Cortado server, you then have to distribute the Workplace app to the users.

  • Create a ADE account for this, as described in Import and distribute apps from Apple Business Manager and add the Cortado Workplace app to the Apple Business Manager. Take care here that in the ADE account, User assigned must be selected as the Assignment type.
  • Then assign the Cortado Workplace app to the users.

Assign Cortado Workplace app to users, groups or devices

The Workplace app is then pushed to the users' devices along with their credentials (server name and user name). The users only need to enter their domain password.

Note! Pushing the credentials can take up to 10 minutes.

a close up of a cell phone with icons.

Note! If no users are displayed when assigning the app, check whether an existing app with the same name for iOS is displayed in the app list (left arrow in illus.). In this case, remove the assignment for the other app (right arrow in illus.) and assign your new app to Cortado Workplace.

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