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How to use the Cortado Log Manager (Cortado Server only)

When processing Support Tickets it’s usually very helpful for our support team to have access to your log files. So please send them along with your Support Ticket. That way, potential problems can be quickly contained and resolved. In the following, we’ll give you a brief explanation of how to implement and use the Cortado Log Manager.


In this How To you will learn how to generate log files with the help of the Cortado Log Manager.


  • Download the Zip file Tooling for Cortado Server 10.6 from the Cortado website. (Older versions can be found in the Cortado Enterprise Portal under Help→ Download software.)
  • The version number of Cortado Server can be found on the login page of the management console (see arrow in illus.).

  • Unzip the zip file and locate the CCSLogManager.exe.
  • Run the exe file as administrator. Do this using the admin account (CortadoService-Admin) that you used to install Cortado Server.
  • Check the Log All checkbox (left arrow in illus.).
  • Then restart the IIS web server and Cortado Services by clicking on Restart IIS and Restart Cortado Services (right arrow in illus.).

  • In the IIS Manager you can then check whether the web pages are active.
  • If necessary, restart the web pages under Manage Website (arrow in illus.).

  • Reproduce the error that you experienced.
  • You’ll find the log files under C:\ProgramData\Cortado\Logs.
  • Send us the files along with your Support Ticket.
Note! Turn off logging on the server after the support case is closed, by disabling the Log All checkbox again and restarting the IIS web server and Cortado Services, otherwise the file size of the log files will continue to expand.

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