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How to use the Cortado server as ActiveSync proxy

Do you want to make it possible for your users to access email, the calendar and contacts on their mobile devices, but not share your exchange server on the internet?


In this How To you will learn how you can use the Cortado server as a so-called ActiveSync proxy.


With the Cortado server set up as an ActiveSync proxy, the mobile devices no longer communicate with the Exchange server directly, but rather, with the Cortado server. This then forwards all requests (after screening, if required) to the exchange server.

  • Firstly, check that the exchange server and the TCP port are entered correctly in the Cortado management console under Control Panel→Global Settings→ Mail.

Then create a new exchange profile for the appropriate device type (iOS, Android, Samsung Knox) under Control Panel→ Profiles.

  • As Exchange ActiveSync host enter the URL of the Cortado servers.
  • Then assign the profile to the users. You can find further information on the subject of Creating and assigning profiles here.

Now traffic between the mobile devices and the exchange server runs exclusively via the Cortado server.

You can operate Cortado ActiveSync proxy in various service modes:

The corresponding settings are made in the registry. The path for the key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ThinPrint\CCASProxy

CertStoreREG_SZName of certificate store“MY”
ExchangeServerUrlREG_SZURL of the Exchange server (in the form http(s)://<server>/)„“
ProxyModeREG_DWORDkind of proxy mode:
0: normal behaviour, liccheck -> user check -> including mdm (provisioning profiles)
1: forward only, liccheck -> forward
2: forward only, liccheck -> user check -> forward
ValidateDeviceREG_DWORDenable / disable device validation
0: all devices are valid for exchange communication, not known devices will be created
1: only known devices are valid for exchange communication, known devices are devices which can be found in database
Note! Depending on what security checks you have activated (ProxyMode Setting), the load on the IIS worker process can increase from light to heavy. In the web server (IIS) you can select the Cortado ActiveSync proxy application in the Application Pools and edit it in Advanced Settings. It is recommended to increase the number of worker processes in the IIS to the maximum.

Note! The worker count here should always match the maximum number of virtual CPUs. Similarly, the Queue Length should correspond to the exchange server value.

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