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How to manage the move to the new Cortado Workplace app for Android

The contents of the Cortado Workplace app will soon be split into two new apps. The app Cortado and the new app Cortado Workplace. This How To tells you what you and your users need to keep in mind when moving.


The aim of the action is to separate the MDM configuration and functionality (Cortado MDM app) from file management and processing, i.e. access to company drives and files (Cortado Workplace app). The apps are divided in several steps.


Step 1

In the first step of the division, the old app Cortado Workplace has already been renamed Cortado. The functionality of the app has not changed up to this point. No interactions are necessary on your part.

Step 2

Even in a second step, the functionality of the Cortado app remains unchanged. In this second step, however, we will also provide you with the new Cortado Workplace app.

Please proceed as follows to ensure a smooth transition for your users:

  • Then select the Cortado Workplace app in the left column and click Configure under Details.
  • Now open the Managed Configurations of the app and under Server URL enter the URL of your Cortado server (for example: and under Logon name, for example the variable for the User Principal Name (#UserPrincipalName#). Users now only need to enter the domain password to open the Cortado Workplace app.

  • Then assign the app to your users (Assign Users). Tell your users that they should only work in the Cortado Workplace app from this point on. Users can now copy the previously saved data from the Secure Drive of the Cortado app to the new Cortado Workplace app.

Step 3

The third and last step is to update the Cortado app. The Cortado app is already on the devices of the users and only needs to be updated. The new Cortado MDM app now only contains the MDM configuration and functionality. The separation has been completed.

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