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How to extend the client certificate of the proxy server

When using the Cortado Proxy Extension, certificates are used that enable secure communication between the Cortado server and the proxy server. The client certificate of the proxy server is valid for one year and must therefore be renewed before expiration.


Here you will learn, how to renew the client certificate and replace it on the proxy server.


  • Open the Cortado Administration Portal. Select Administration→ Global Settings→ Proxy and then Configure (arrow in illus.).

  • Remove the check mark from the Inbound proxy server checkbox (upper arrow in illus.) and then click on OK (lower arrow in illus.).

  • Then click on Configure again (arrow in illus.).

  • Select Inbound proxy server, to register your Proxy-Server for incoming connections (right in illus.).
  • Enter the server address of the proxy server incl. the port again.

Note! The deletion and renewal of this entry is necessary to generate a new client certificate.

Then proceed as described in the sections Download certificates and Initial configuration.

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