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How to back up your files from the Secure Drive, before switching to the new Cortado Workplace app for Android

Before switching from the Cortado app to the new Cortado Workplace app, back up all your files in the Secure Drive directory. Back up your files, either locally on your phone or tablet, or on the firm’s drives.


Before updating the app, check if there are any files in the local Secure Drive drive. If there are, then these files need to be backed up. Otherwise, the files will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Files that have been saved locally in the Phone/Tablet directory or in Home Drive don’t need to be backed up before the update.


  • Open the Secure Drive (arrow in left illus.).
  • Select all the files you want to back up by tapping on the file format icon (lower arrow in right illus.).
  • Then tap on the Copy/Paste button (upper arrow in right illus.).

  • Now tap on Quick upload (arrow in left illus.).
  • The files will now be loaded to your firm’s server. You can locate your files in the Home Drive directory in the app (arrow in right illus.).

  • Open the upload folder there (arrow in left illus.).

Alternatively, you can also back up your files locally on your phone/tablet.

  • To do this, click on Browse (and not on Quick upload) (arrow in left illus.).
  • Select Phone/Tablet (arrow in right illus.).

  • Then tap on the Plus button (arrow in left illus.) to create a new folder.
  • Give the new folder a name (example in right illus.).

  • Then tap on Copy or Move (arrow in left illus.).
  • You will now find your files stored locally on your phone/tablet (right illus.).

You can then move/copy the files back to the Secure Drive of the new Cortado Workplace app. Proceed in the same way as described above.

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