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The Gmail app loses the configuration from the exchange profile

Problem: On Android devices that have been assigned an exchange profilethe email account in the Gmail app can be erased after the exchange password is entered. The error message is frequently: “Your administrator has made changes to this account”, or “The administrator has removed this account”.

Possible causes

Until now, the reason for this malfunction remain unclear.


The best results with the Gmail app can be achieved if you configure it, not over an exchange profile (Control Panel→ Profiles), but rather, over the so-called Managed Configurations of the Gmail app.

  • Select the Gmail app under Apps & Docs→ Details (left arrow in illus.) and right click on Configure (right arrow in illus.).

  • Open the Managed Configurations of Gmail.
  • Fill in the Email Address, Hostname and Username fields. To do this, use variables.

  • If you use self-signed certificates on your Exchange server (and only then), also select Trust all certificates.

  • When you have finished the configuration, undo the assignment for the Exchange profile under Control Panel→Profiles (click Unassign) for all users/groups/devices.
  • Update the configuration of the Gmail app under Apps & Docs by clicking Rollout on assigned users.

Note! All users now have to re-enter their Exchange password.

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