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PDF file cannot be opened on an Android device (Cortado MDM only)

Problem: On an Android device that is managed with Cortado MDM, when attempting to open a PDF file that is stored on the device, an error message appears, stating “The Cortado app has not been configured”.

Possible causes

  1. There is no suitable PDF reader installed in the work profile on the Android device
  2. The Cortado app has been selected as the default app for PDF files.


1. For example, make Adobe Acrobat Reader available to your users through the Android App Store account

add Adobe Acrobat Reade in Administration Portal

2. The first time a user wants to open a PDF file in the work profile, it asks with which application the file should be opened. This query only appears if there are multiple applications installed that are able to work with PDF files. However, the Cortado app cannot be selected as the default app for PDF files as it possesses this capability only for the on-premises version of Cortado Server. So another, suitable PDF reader should be selected instead. If the Cortado app has already mistakenly been selected as the default, this can be removed or changed in the app’s application settings under App info→ Open by default.

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